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The fact that wind farms operate for such long periods of time means that their management needs are particularly high. By providing professional technical and commercial support over the entire lifespan of your wind farm projects, CSO Energy ensures that projects run smoothly and efficiently and maximises output.


CSO Energy takes care of all relevant management services, from bookkeeping and fault analysis to obtaining Renewable Energy Law (EEG) certificates and carrying out maintenance work.



Our concept


On the basis of individual requirements CSO Energy offers you a smart, customized & best-in-class service concept taking into account your own approach of the Operation & Maintenance services, insurance policies, as well as their management strategy in order to manage, sustain and protect efficiently your assets and ensure the best performance and Return On Investment as possible.



10 February 2015

Development of our services ...


10 October 2014

Operating a 20/90kV substation ...


09 September 2014

Cooperation with ERG Renew ...


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