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Commercial Management

Isabelle Paque (France)

Phone: +33 1 80 87 74 20


Commercial Services


You can rely on our commercial expertise


CSO Energy's commercial management looks after 105 operating companies with over 175 limited partners. Our team composed of highly qualified, and motivated people makes the commercial interests of our clients a priority.


Our experts fully represent you when dealing with banks, energy suppliers, manufacturers, landowners and other contractual partners. CSO Energy works on behalf of your operating company, taking care of all commercial administrative duties. Of course, we receive support from experts such as lawyers and auditors as well.

  • Accounting

    • Execution of all necessary bookkeeping work
    • Preparation and checking of energy utility invoices
    • Allocation of revenue and operating costs in farm-related invoices to the individual operators
    • Compilation of annual financial statements with the help of external tax advisors
    • Checking of tax statements
    • Management of capital accounts
  • Management

    • Organization and holding of shareholders' meetings
    • Personal consultancy and support of shareholders in all matters
    • Coordination of payouts and support of limited partners
    • Lease settlement
  • Controlling

    • Compilation of liquidity analyses and business plans
    • Individual evaluations (business assessments and income statements)
    • Provision of information on output trends and compilation of monthly, quarterly or annual reports
    • Execution of profitability calculations including comparisons of target and actual output
    • Contract management (monitoring and optimization of insurance policies, maintenance contracts, feed-in contracts, lease agreements etc.)
  • Cash management

    • Management of bank accounts in accordance with strict security requirements
    • Investment of liquidity reserves
    • Management of outside capital
    • Supervision of share deals
    • Monitoring of adherence to banks' financing regulations
    • Preparation and implementation of bank meetings