Expertise & Consultancy


Since its creation, CSO Energy has developed a wide range of complementary services in order to support electricity producers at any stage. Our experts advise and support you upon request on the following matters:

  • Technical Services

    • Pre-commissioning inspection
    • Thermographic inspections of components / turbines
    • Gearbox and/or Generator endoscopy
    • Reassessment of estimated production according to actual production data
    • Oil analyses
    • Safety equipment inspections by experts (only for German market)
    • Maintenance and repair of offline CMS (only for German market)
    • End of warranty inspection or operation audits
      (only for French market)
  • Consultancy

    • Contract management:
    • Provision of consultancy services during the project planning phase
    • Provision of consultancy services with a view to optimizing third-party facilities
    • Further assistance during decision making processes
    • Recommendation to optimise wind turbines
    • Recalibration P50 value according to real production data
    • Direct Marketing of electricity according to the German 'EEG' (only for German market)
    • Calculation of compensation payments according to § 12 part 1 due to measurements for the feed-in management subject to § 11 of the German 'EEG' (2009) (only for German market)

Contact Persons


Commercial Management

Yann Poupin (France)

Phone: +33 1 80 87 74 21

E-Mail :