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Technical Management

Yann Poupin (France)

Phone: +33 1 80 87 74 21

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Technical Services Wind


We maximize the performance of your wind farms


We have over 15 years' experience in looking after all turbine models. When you choose CSO Energy, you can be sure that your wind farms are in the best possible hands. CSO Energy provides a comprehensive range of management services. We monitor on a daily basis the maintenance and services provided by manufacturers and offer detailed reporting as well as a 24/7 standby service.


Thanks to their excellent contacts and dedication, no detail is too small to escapes the attention of our specialists. They focus all their energy on maximising the performance and efficiency of your turbine, thus ensuring the highest possible economic output.

  • Technical management

    • Passive and Active daily remote monitoring
    • Regular on-site inspections: monthly, quarterly and annual checks
    • Arrangement, coordination, supervision and follow-up checks of maintenance and repair work carried out on wind turbines and transformer stations
    • Acquisition and storage of data pertaining to output, downtimes, incidents, capacity factor and system availability
    • Acquisition and checking of substation output data
    • Accurate and reliable analysis of operating data for early detection of system faults
    • Condition monitoring: online monitoring of key components for early fault detection
    • Deployment of on-site personnel and execution of medium-voltage switching operations
    • 24/7 standby service and rapid response times in the event of a fault
    • Support and consultancy regarding technical modifications or improvements
  • Data management

    • Compilation of log files for each individual wind turbine, with all maintenance and work reports, as well as a complete facility history
    • A full range of reports tailored to the client's needs: comparisons of target and actual output, as well as clear monthly and annual statistics
    • Online provision of output data for all clients
  • Administration

    • Complete insurance management, including handling of insurance claims
    • Monitoring of technical regulations and obligations as set out in approvals and contracts
    • Plausibility checks on energy-supplier bills and all technical invoices
    • Contact partner for energy utilities, authorities and lessors
    • Communication with landowners, leaseholders and residents (provision of information/ explanations)
    • Coordination of maintenance work on access routes, crane sites and green areas
    • Engineering/consultancy
    • Support in the implementation of new legal regulations
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management

    Since QHSE is everyone's business, CSO Energy provides you with dedicated services in order to:


    • Ensure that the Site Safety Rules are issued, checked and communicated to all parties who works or carrying out tasks on site, prior to any commencement of work;
    • Having legal and operational requirements in mind, ensure that all periodical inspections on the safety equipments inside the wind turbines and delivery stations are strictly performed;
    • Ensure that intervening parties inside the WTGs are duly authorized, experienced, fully trained and equipped with essential and valid safety equipment (PPE);
    • Supervision of third parties' or subcontractors' activities on site (O&M, experts during regulatory & periodical inspections,…) to ensure strict compliance with Site Safety Rules and that procedures are adhered to;
    • Verify that Wind Farms and the surrounding area are kept free from the accumulation of waste materials, rubbish and hazardous materials.
    • Carry out, on behalf of WF owner(s), all necessary measures to deal with any emergency situations involving risks to person or property or interfering with the normal operation of the Wind Farm;
    • Improve / intensify cooperation with Fire and Emergency Services Authority.